Director. Short film, 2019.

On the way to a bar mitzvah, three friends find themselves  in urgent need of a toilet. Fortunately, an old acquaintance-turned-realtor seems to offer the perfect solution: an open house with an open bathroom policy.

World Premiere — 2019 Oaxaca Film Festival

Directed by Jack Fleischer.

Written by Jack Fleischer, Anthony Federico, Andrew Potter, and Alex Scott.

With Anthony Federico, Andrew Potter, Richard Pluim, and Jack Fleischer.



Producer. Short film, 2013.

BOY is a coming of age story about Julian, a teenager trying to regain his sense of self in the aftermath of an incestuous affair with his stepmother. The film takes place over the course of a family vacation in a cabin. Slowly drifting apart from his family, Julian spends his time roaming the woods. Official site.

Directed by Anne Kathrine Bindesboll.